Create, Manage and Share more: upgrade to add more capability and features.

Our free accounts give you the ability to create, share and manage up to five instructions. Upgrading to a paid account gives you the ability to create more, brand your content, and share with private groups.


Number of steplists allowed Number of groups allowed Branding Advanced Analytics Price
Basic 20 2 No No $10 per month Upgrade Now
Premium Unlimited 5 Yes No $59 per month Upgrade Now
Premium Plus Unlimited 20 Yes Yes $99 per month Upgrade Now
Premium Plus 100 Unlimited 100 Yes Yes $249 per month Upgrade Now
Premium Plus 300 Unlimited 300 Yes Yes $499 per month Upgrade Now

Service Packages

Starter Pack

Our Starter Pack represents a starting point for one-time production services starting at $449.00. If you are ready to engage us to create your content for your onboarding process, vacation rental guest book, or product instructions, start here and we will invoice you for any additional services to which we agree.

Our Starter Pack includes the creation of up to six individual instruction sets, in up to two groups.

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Subscribe to a Publisher Package

Publisher Packages are designed to provide you with monthly SEO content. Our professional writing staff will develop and create step-based instructional content about your products or services on a regular, monthly production schedule.

All Packages Include:

  • White label branding
    • Upload your logo
    • Customize colors for your brand
    • Upload a custom background image
  • Add unique keyword tags to each steplist
  • Add a custom purchase link from each steplist
  • Tools to help you share your steplists
  • Managed Production
  • Expert writers
Package Steplists/mo Price
Silver 2 $250/mo Upgrade Now
Gold 4 $499/mo Upgrade Now
Platinum 10 $999/mo Upgrade Now
Platinum Plus 20 $1,999/mo Upgrade Now
*Note that pricing does not include video production. We will work from existing videos, and include screen shots in our standard package pricing. Video production is available for an additional fee.