About Steptap

How-to make a Steptap steplist:

  1. Go to steptap.com
  2. Create an account
  3. Click "create" and a steplist template opens up.
  4. Name your steplist
  5. List the required items
  6. Start with step 1: explain how to do it, move on to step 2, and so forth through all of the steps.
  7. Time your steps if you want to.
  8. Add some good photos.
  9. Done!
Then share your steplist - on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - anywhere you want. Put your how-to steplists on your business website to show your customers how to use your products. Your users can access the "how-to" steplists from your Facebook page, Pinterest board, Google+ account, of YouTube channel.

Using Steptap

How do you use Steptap? A personal trainer could create a unique steplist for a client's workout routine. The client accesses the workout steplist from their mobile phone at the gym. An elementary school teacher could create a weekly steplist for the current homework assignments. If you own a business that sells products that need to be assembled - say sprinkler parts - your customers can download a steplist from the Steptap QR code displayed on your store shelves or packaging. A customer with easy-to-follow instructions can complete their project hassle-free without placing a call to your store.

Looking for easy-to-follow instructions? Search the steplists at steptap.com. You will find how-tos for crafts, car repairs, home improvement, music, hobbies, fitness, recipes, technology, travel - the list is extensive and growing every day.

Steptap solves the following problems with other methods for creating how-to instructions:
  • Steplists are easy to create
  • Steplists are to-the-point
  • Steplists are automatically saved in your Steptap account for storage and easy access
  • Steplists are mobile
  • Steplists can be instantly shared to your social networks
  • Steplists require no printing
  • Steplists can be easily updated
  • Why is Steptap better than YouTube how-to videos? Steplists get right to the point. They don't contain irrelevant information that wastes your time.

    Marketing with Steptap

    Steptap is a powerful way for business owners to:
    • Strengthen brand recognition
    • Increase customer engagement
    • Provide better customer service and technical support
    • Drive traffic to your business website and social media sites
    • Generate leads
    • Thank you for visiting Steptap, we invite you to create your first steplist by clicking here