How To Write An Expository Essay

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Writing an expository essay?

An expository essay is where you will explain something specific to readers. You will choose a topic for a non-fiction essay that you would like to write. You will explain the facts about your topic.

There are various topics mentioned on essay writing sites that you could write such as:

  1. Explain why you want to teach school.
  2. Explain why you want to write full-time.
  3. Explain why you like to listen to music while you study.
  4. Explain why you don’t like to study in the library.
  5. Explain why you aren’t interested in dating.
  6. Explain why you like going to church.
  7. Explain why you like to read crime fiction books.
  8. Explain why you like to watch scary movies.

These are a few examples. You just have to think about a topic that interests you.


Writing an outline

After you have chosen your topic, you need to write an outline of the facts that you want to include in your essay.

You need to start with a thesis statement that mentions your topic. Then, you need to write down the main facts that come to you.

For example, let’s say you want to explain why you want to write full-time. You would list the specific reasons: working at home, more freedom, setting own schedule, taking care of children or pets, staying out of bad weather, and others.

After you write those down, then you can take each one and expand your answers.


Writing and editing your essay

Now, that you have your facts written down, you need to start writing your essay. You would first write your thesis statement such as: I want to work at home as a full-time freelance writer because I can set my own schedule; have more freedom; be with my children or pets; and stay inside during the bad weather.

After you have written your thesis statement, you will start writing your paper. When you have completed your paper, you need to read it over again and check for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraph structure.

If you have found errors in your paper, you need to revise it, and then you will have completed your essay.


Tips & Warnings

  • Remember an expository essay is explaining your topic
  • This is not an essay where you state one viewpoint on a specific topic
  • Write a thesis statement that covers your facts
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