How To Write An Essay If You Are Short On Time

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Such skills as writing quick essays are necessary for every student. They will help you not only in those situations when you accidentally forget about your paper and have to prepare it in a few hours.
There are a lot of tests that require writing quick essays, which means you will have a certain time limit to complete your essay. Thus, we advise you practice making quick essays, and you can start right now.
Below we list several effective strategies for writing quick and successful essays.


Preparing quick essays: strategy #1
First, study all requirements and instructions given by your teacher. How many words do you have to write? Do you need to answer a specific question? Do you have to use some obligatory sources?


Preparing quick essays: strategy #2
Spend some time brainstorming. Write down as many ideas for your quick essay as you can. Then, pick the easiest topic that you have enough background knowledge of.


Preparing quick essays: strategy #3
Make an outline, not a very detailed one. Just highlight the main ideas you are going to introduce in your essay.


Preparing quick essays: strategy #4
If you are not too short of time, look through one or two sources. It will help to make your quick essay more sound and informative.


Preparing quick essays: strategy #5
Now, it is high time to create a thesis statement. It is an absolutely necessary element of your essay. Thus, no matter how short on time you are, do not continue your work until a thesis is ready.


Preparing quick essays: strategy #6
Finally, you can start writing the rest of your essay. Make sure you have necessary paragraphs, a catchy introduction, and conclusions that summarize the main points of your paper.


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