How To Vote For Steptap In The Epic Ventures Hot 100 Utah Startups Contest

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Author: steptap | Website: Vote for Steptap!

Required Items Quantity
Epic Ventures Vote Page1
Facebook Account1

Steps Image Video Duration
Visit the Epic Ventures Hot 100 Utah Startups page at: Tip: Click the link at the top of this steplist titled "Vote for Steptap!" Step Image 00:00:5
Click on the Steptap logo. Scroll down and scan the logos on the page to find the GREEN Steptap Logo. Its position will change according to votes, so it could be anywhere. Step Image 00:00:5
Click on UP VOTE in the middle of the Steptap voting panel that pops up after you clicked on the Steptap logo. Step Image 00:00:5
Click on LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. You will be asked to login via Facebook so they can track who has voted. This is harmless, and won't spam your feed. Step Image 00:00:5
Log in to Facebook. This will only happen if you are not already logged into Facebook. If you are; continue. If you need to login, simply type in your Facebook username and password, and then click LOGIN. Step Image 00:00:5
Click OKAY to give permission for the voting system to register your vote based on your Facebook email address. This is harmless, and won't spam your Facebook feed. Step Image 00:00:5
Vote by clicking UP VOTE in the middle of the screen. You may think you have already done this; you haven't. *You will not get any feedback to say you have voted. Step Image 00:00:5
For confirmation, click the UP VOTE button until you get the message "you already voted on this" to make sure your vote is registered for Steptap. Step Image 00:00:5
Click the BACK arrow at the top left of this steplist, and then click the SHARE icon at the top right of this steplist and share it with everyone you know to help us win the contest. Thank you for voting! We really appreciate it! Step Image 00:00:5
Curious about how you can use Steptap to promote your business? Visit us at and start your own free account. Steptap is business platform to help you Create, Manage and Share your product instructions and process documentation. 00:00:5
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