How To Unpack And Inspect A New NOMAD Handheld X-ray

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Required Items Quantity
NOMAD Handheld Portable X-Ray1

Steps Image Video Duration
Unwrap individual NOMAD handheld X-ray components from the protective plastic. Step Image 00:2:00
The standard package should contain: NOMAD handheld portable X-ray device with a Backscatter Shield attached, 2 charged batteries, battery charger, Certificate of Conformance, Getting Started guide and Battery Charger manual, Warranty Card, and NOMAD Operator Training CD. Step Image 00:2:00
Verify that the Serial Number Label on the NOMAD Pro head matches the one on the warranty card and the Certificate of Conformance. Step Image 00:00:30
Check your system for shipping damage. Verify that the Collimator Cone and Backscatter Shield are not damaged. Verify that the NOMAD Pro handheld X-ray device Trigger Switch moves freely in and out when depressed and released. Verify that the NOMAD Control Panel is smooth and free of nicks, scratches, or damage. Step Image 00:2:00
Complete the Product Warranty Registration card and mail it with proper postage to Aribex today. Step Image 00:3:00
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