How To Transfer A Domain To

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Required Items Quantity
Domain at another registrar1
Authorization Code (EPP or Transfer Key)1
GoDaddy Account1

Steps Image Video Duration
Login to the Registar where your domain is currently hosted. 00:00:00
Make sure that the Administrative Contact for this domain is current, including a good email address (the Authorization Code will go to this address, so make sure it is convenient for you to access.) 00:00:00
Make sure the domain is unlocked at the current registrar. 00:00:00
Request an Authorization Code (also known as an EPP or Transfer Key.) This is usually an email process for security purposes; only the owner can receive the Authorization Code. 00:00:00
Check your email for the Authorization Code. The code is usually a string of random numbers and letters, like a password. 00:00:00
Copy the code from the email you received, and head over to and log in to your account. This s the account to which you want to transfer the domain. 00:00:00
On the GoDaddy Control Panel, click "Domains" at the top of the screen. Step Image 00:00:00
In the sub-menu under Domains, Click "Transfer Domains". Step Image 00:00:00
Enter the domain that you want to transfer in the domain name field and click "Go". Step Image 00:00:00
Confirm the domain name in the section above the field and then click "Proceed to checkout". 00:00:00
After some advertising and hosting choices, GoDaddy will ask you to pay for the domain transfer, and will request the Transfer Code. Enter the code when requested. 00:00:00
Domain transfers usually require an email confirmation and will take a few days to complete. Check your email frequently and watch your account for the domain to appear. 00:00:00
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