How To Train For Your First Half-Marathon

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Author: Rebecca

Required Items Quantity
Your Race of Choice1
Positive Attitude1
Quality Running Shoes and Socks1
Sunscreen or Hat1
Water or Gatorade1
Some Light Research2
8-12 week Training Schedule1
Self Control1

Steps Image Video Duration
Start out with acquiring quality running shoes and socks that fit your running style (or jogging style or shuffling style). Comfortable quality socks are also recommended. 00:00:00
Take your new running socks, shoes, hat, sunscreen, water and positive attitude out on the road. Speed, energy and endurance will come in time. Have faith. Work on running 3 times a week. Once you're up to about between 3-5 miles without dying you're ready to start "training." 00:00:00
Time to research an 8-12 week training schedule. Make yourself familiar with the entire schedule before you start. Research a little about how doable a half marathon can be. If you can run a mile, then in a few weeks you could be running two. 00:00:00
When you get up to 30 minutes of sweating on a regular basis it is time to replenish electrolytes. This is where Gatorade can help. Don't overdo it though, water doesn't have the sugar Gatorade does and is therefore a valuable choice. Hydrate before and after a run. Don't eat to over compensate for calories burned. Remember, being light as a feather makes it way easier to move around than being 6 extra slices of pizza sluggish. 00:00:00
Now, you're ready to go for it! Look for tips about how to run in the morning, how to eat when training and how to train with children if you want more hints on how to enjoy one of the cheapest exercise routines in the world. 00:00:00
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