How To Take An X-ray With The Nomad Pro

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NOMAD Pro Handheld X-ray1

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Press and release the Power button to turn on NOMAD Pro. An audible double tone and an active display panel indicate the device has power. Settings are redisplayed according to what was last displayed or saved when the device was turned off (unless the device was disconnected from a charged handset for more than 1 minute). 00:00:00
Determine which settings are needed. Set Exposure time. To change exposure settings press each of the button options to toggle through the choices: 1) the Patient Size (larger or smaller), 2) the Image Receptor (film, phosphor plate, or sensor), 3) the Tooth Group (molars, pre-molars, or incisors/canines). When necessary, use the Increase or Decrease buttons to adjust the time in 0.01 second increments. Adjusted exposure settings may be saved, replacing factory settings. 00:00:00
Clear the area around the patient for easy access. 00:00:00
Position the patient upright on a chair as much as possible. Take the safety precautions necessary according to your location requirements. 00:00:00
Do not make an exposure if anyone other than the patient is in the direct beam. 00:00:00
Hold the NOMAD Pro using two hands with elbows in. Avoid touching the patient with the cone or backscatter shield. Always sight through the shield and not over or around it. In between exposures, you can either set the NOMAD Pro down or cradle it in one arm. 00:00:00
Always adjust the patient's position so that the backscatter shield is parallel to the operator. 00:00:00
Press and release the trigger once to ready the device. The device will briefly display an ENABLING X-RAYS message before indicating READY. Choose adult or child patient. NOTE: As a safety precaution, if the trigger is held longer than 1 second or pulled a second time while still in the ENABLING X-RAYS state, the devise will not transition to the READY state. (This is to prevent an accidental activation of the device by unintended triggering.) 00:00:00
The illuminated green LED, the message READY on the display panel, and a double tone alert confirm that NOMAD Pro is prepared to fire X-rays. The READY state continues until either an exposure is initiated or timeout occurs after 15 seconds of inactivity (accompanied by a double tone and the return to the Settings mode). While the device is in the READY state, any changes to the settings (pressing any user interface panel button) will end the state. 00:00:00
To begin the exposure, press and hold the trigger. The READY message is replaced with X-RAY ON, the green LED is replaced with a yellow LED, and there is an alert tone for the duration of the exposure. To ensure complete exposure, keep the trigger depressed until the X-RAY COMPLETE audible tone is complete, the yellow LED is off, and X-RAY COMPLETE briefly displays. NOTE: An exposure can be prematurely terminated for any reason by abruptly releasing the depressed trigger. 00:00:00
Press and release the Power button to turn NOMAD Pro off. The NOMAD Pro also automatically shuts off after approximately 3 minutes of inactivity. When powered off, the NOMAD Pro display darkens, accompanied by a tone to indicate shutdown. 00:00:00
For more information, contact: Aribex, Inc. 744 South, 400 East Orem, UT 84097 USA Toll Free: 1-866-340-5522 Phone: (801) 226-5522 Fax: (801) 434-7233 00:00:00
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