How To Start The Best Home Business For Less Than 100 Dollars

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Xocai Millionaire Manual1
74 Dollars1

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This steplist explains how to start a Xocai Healthy Chocolate home based business. A Xocai Healthy Chocolate business allows you to make money by sharing healthy chocolate. Contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 to find a Xocai Healthy Chocolate Representative (sponsor). Step Image 00:00:00
Through your sponsor, pay the low $39 start-up fee to become a Xocai distributor. Step Image 00:00:00
Set up your Xocai back office at Step Image 00:00:00
Through your sponsor, order the Xocai Millionaire Manual for $34.95. Step Image 00:00:00
Follow Ascents 1- 7 in the Millionaire Manual. Ascent 1: Think about why you are starting this healthy chocolate home business and write it down in your Millionaire Manual page 15. Step Image 00:00:00
Ascent 2: Identify your home business T.E.A.M. on page 16 of the Millionaire Manual. Step Image 00:00:00
Ascent 3: Introduce Healthy Chocolate to your T.E.A.M. prospects as outlined on pages 18 and 19. Step Image 00:00:00
Ascent 4: Follow-Up with your T.E.A.M. prospects as outlined on pages 20 - 22. Step Image 00:00:00
Ascent 5: Welcome Your New Healthy Chocolate T.E.A.M. member(s) as outlined on pages 23 and 24. Step Image 00:00:00
Ascent 6: T.E.A.M. Orientation. Train your new T.E.A.M. member(s) right away as outlined on pages 25 and 26. Step Image 00:00:00
Ascent 7: Build Bigger, Climb Higher as outlined on page 28. Step Image 00:00:00
For more information, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or Step Image 00:00:00
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