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Visit and click the Get Started button at the top right. Step Image 00:00:10
Complete the Personal Information section of the Account Form by creating a new username, and creating a new password. Add your first name, last name, email and phone number. This information will be kept private, and is only used to establish your account. Step Image 00:00:20
If you want a second person to receive email notifications whenever new content is posted, uncheck the "Same as above" check box, and add a second contact to the Primary Contact Information section of the form. Leave the "Same as above" box checked if you will be the primary contact, and wish to receive the notifications to the information you already provided above. Step Image 00:00:10
Complete your mailing address. This information is kept private, and is only used to confirm your account if you ever contact our support staff. Step Image 00:00:10
Complete the Blog Information section by selecting New Blog, and then completing the URL creation by adding your own unique subdomain to the subdomain field after the "http://", and choosing a domain from the pull-down menu. Enter a unique Blog Title and Sub-title - make these optimized for search by including keywords and location information such as "Lynn's Texas Skin Care". Click "Next Step" to go to the next form. Step Image 00:00:20
On the header selection page, choose a header that you like and click "Next Step" to proceed. You will have the ability to change your header at any time in the future, and as often as you like. Step Image 00:00:10
Review your input in the three boxes at the top and review the terms of service. Make sure you click the Agreement checkbox at the lower left before you proceed. Click "Continue" to confirm your information and agreement. Step Image 00:00:10
Finally, complete the Content Generation Form. The content you provide here will be made public, and is incorporated into the custom content that will be written for your site. Each field has instructions if you have questions. When you are complete the form, click the "Update" button at the bottom. NOTE that you must complete every field. You can revisit this form at any time and change or update this information. ONLY CLICK THE UPDATE BUTTON ONCE. Step Image 00:00:90
At this point you have actually completed your site set up. However you now have the opportunity to connect your new site to your Facebook or Twitter account. Simply click either button and enter your credentials to automatically repost your content to your Facebook or Twitter pages. Step Image 00:00:15
On your Account Home you have a number of options that will allow you to revisit any of the forms you just completed, and to access your new site. You are now ready to start marketing your business on the internet. Congratulations! Step Image 00:00:00
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