How To Start A Bluehost Account

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Required Items Quantity
Domain or Domain Idea1
First and Last Name1
Business Name (Optional)1
Address Info (Street, City, State, Zip)1
Phone Number1
Email Address1
Credit Card1

Steps Image Video Duration
Visit by clicking the link at the top of this page. Step Image 00:00:00
Click "Get Started Now" on the hosting Home Page. Step Image 00:00:00
On the Sign Up Page, enter a domain that you would like to obtain as part of your new server signup and click Next. You get one free domain from Bluehost when you sign up. You can use your free domain as part of your sign up, or you can save it for later and use a domain that you already have. NOTE: You need to point your own domain DNS to and before you complete this step if you are using your own domain. -Click Next. Step Image 00:00:00
On the next page you will receive confirmation that your chosen domain is available. Complete the Account Information including your name, address, phone number and email. Scroll down... Step Image 00:00:00
Next complete the package information by choosing an Account Plan. The default is three years, however you can select one or more years to begin your plan. You can also select security and SEO options at this time. If you are unsure, these options are available later, too. Scroll Down... Step Image 00:00:00
Complete the Billing Information by entering your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV2 code. Scroll down... Step Image 00:00:00
Finally, click the Confirmation check box at the bottom of the page to confirm that you have read and agree with the Bluehost Terms of Service and various policies. To review each policy, click on the link for each. Click Next. Step Image 00:00:00
On the next screen you will receive confirmation that your account has been set up. Copy the information to a secure notepad. From here you can use FTP to upload or manage site files, or can use any of a number of convenient scripts to install a new Wordpress site. 00:00:00
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