How To Sign Up A New Xocai (MXI Corp) Distributor

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Your account1
Your Xocai associate ID number1
Your account password1

Steps Image Video Duration
Go to Step Image 00:00:15
Click Member Login in the upper right hand corner. This will bring up the Xocai Back Office Login page. Step Image 00:00:10
Enter your Xocai Associate ID number. Step Image 00:00:20
Enter your password. (You created one when you registered your account.) Click Submit. This will bring you to your Back Office dashboard. Step Image 00:00:15
Click the Graphic Tree tab. It is in the upper middle of the page. This will open up your Graphic Tree. You will see your position in the tree chart. Step Image 00:00:12
You may sign the new distributor up on your right side, or your left side. (Remember, Xocai Business Builders build two teams.) Click the red dot on the outside of either the left or right side. This will open up the Enrollment Options page. Step Image 00:00:12
There are three ways to sign up as a Xocai distributor. The Consume option is for Affiliates that start with one box. Step Image 00:00:12
The Share option is for the Associate level where they start with two boxes. Step Image 00:00:12
The Earn option is for the Business Builder who starts with six boxes. For this example, we will use the Business Builder enrollment process. If you learn to sign up a new distributor as a Business Builder, you will be able to sign up distributors at the other two levels as well. Step Image 00:00:12
Click Earn. This will bring up the Business Builder enrollment page. Step Image 00:00:12
The Healthy Chocolate pack includes a variety of products along with a Variety pack and $50 worth of tools at no extra charge. This is a great choice for new distributors unless there is a current Buy Two Get One Free promotion. In that case, inform the distributor of the promotion so he/she has that option. The Buy Two Get One Free special is a better value than the Health Chocolate pack. Step Image 00:00:15
To order with a Buy Two Get One Free promotion, use the ala carte product tabs at the bottom of the product window. Step Image 00:00:12
If there is no Buy Two Get One Free promotion, and the distributor does not like the product combination in the Healthy Chocolate pack, have the distributor choose six products from the ala carte tabs. Step Image 00:00:15
To choose a product, enter the quantity desired in the Quantity field below the picture of the product. Step Image 00:00:12
The High Antioxidant Shake and Xe Healthy Energy drink products each come in a half case pack. If the distributor would like a full case for either beverage, they should enter 2 in the Quantity field. Step Image 00:00:15
Enter the number of the products to be put on Auto-Ship. This field is directly to the right of the Quantity field under the product picture. Step Image 00:00:12
When the products are chosen and Auto-Ship options selected, click Continue in the bottom right-hand corner. Step Image 00:00:12
This will bring up the Personal Information page. Enter the appropriate values in the fields. Fields marked with asterisks are required. Step Image 00:00:30
The Shipping Address is the address for products to be sent and the Mailing Address is the address for checks to be sent. If these addresses are different, choose the option from the drop down menu. This will bring up fields to enter the Shipping Address. Step Image 00:00:30
Create an initial password for the new distributor. They can change it later. It must be between four and fifteen characters. Make sure you let the distributor know the password so he/she can login their first time. Step Image 00:00:15
There are options for VIP tools. This may be something the distributor wants to wait on until he/she grows their business. Step Image 00:00:12
Have the distributor read the Terms and Conditions by clicking the tab and then check Agree. Step Image 00:00:45
Have the distributor read the Virtual Office Agreement by clicking the tab and then check Agree. Step Image 00:00:45
Click Continue. This will open a page with a summary of your order including products and auto-ship selections. Check the order information for accuracy. Step Image 00:00:12
Scroll down to the payment fields. Step Image 00:00:8
Enter the credit card information in the appropriate fields. The name on the card must be listed exactly as it appears on the card. Step Image 00:00:30
The personal information below the credit card fields will already be populated with the information entered previously. Step Image 00:00:30
The address below the credit card information needs to be the address to which the credit card bill is sent. Step Image 00:00:30
Click Continue. A page will appear with the distributor's order number and auto-ship order number. This will also trigger an automatic welcome email to be sent to the new distributor. Step Image 00:00:12
For help, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or Step Image 00:00:12
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