How To Sell Xocai Healthy Chocolate Online (MXI Corp)

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Tags: Health, Healthy Chocolate, Xocai, MXI, Home Business
Author: xocai | Website: Xocai Healthy Chocolate Sales

Required Items Quantity
Your Back Office login information1

Steps Image Video Duration
Login to your Back Office from 00:00:00
Click on My Website at the top. This will open a dropdown menu with all the sections necessary to set up your website. 00:00:00
The Profile selection allows you to upload a photo, link to Facebook and Twitter, and enter contact information. Save changes. 00:00:00
In My Story, you can write about yourself, with or without prompts from the system. Save changes. 00:00:00
In My Links, you can add links to other sites. Save changes. 00:00:00
In My Settings, you can change your URL. (This is the address that shows up in the "https://" bar.) Save changes. 00:00:00
The Preview selection allows you to see the website as your create it. Save changes. 00:00:00
Business Site hits tells you how many people are visiting your site. 00:00:00
Change Layout allows you to choose from several predetermined themes. Choose a theme. Save changes. 00:00:00
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