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Positive customer feedback is important

Are you using testimonials as a marketing element? If not, then you are missing out on a very powerful tool for increasing your income. Positive feedback about the company is extremely important. It is important not only not to receive negative customer reviews, but also to get positive feedback in recognition of your merits. Also you can use for improve your reviews on FB.

After all, this is the Internet, and a person does not want to get a “pig in a poke”, so many users carefully study the reviews.

Maybe you haven't thought about it, but:

· Good testimonials increase sales and subscribers. If you use them correctly, you will expand your mailing list and client list.

· Reviews must be correct. If reviews are poorly written or inappropriately posted, it can do more harm than good.

· Reviews must be able to submit. If you misrepresent reviews, or misleading reviews, it can alienate your audience.

In this post, we'll look at how to get customer feedback for a blog, website, app, or company, and how to use it correctly.

How reviews affect sales

One of the reasons people buy your products and services is the belief that other people have already used them and are satisfied. This is called public recognition, and the reviews refer to this concept. Reviews increase conversion, set you apart from the competition.

Therefore, if your sales are sagging, look, but what about the reviews about you on the Internet? Have you picked up the negative? Are you working with comments competently enough? However, keep in mind that people are more willing to share negative information than positive, so it makes sense to make an effort to get positive user reviews.

Showcase testimonials on sales pages, landing pages, include them in mailing materials, and they will help convince visitors and subscribers to become your customers. But many people don't know how to ask a customer to leave a review in order to get a selling review that could be used for promotion purposes.

Unfortunately, customers are often too lazy to write reviews. Remember how often you do this yourself? Therefore, we have put together ways to get feedback here. In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Ask immediately

The most obvious way to get feedback from a customer is to serve them well and ask for a review on time. If you really served the benefit of your customers by providing them with a product or service that solves their problems, if you have shown a high level of service, willingness to serve, they will gladly give you a good certification.

Ask for a recall as soon as the work is done (if you are supplying a service), or as soon as customers start using your product (if you are supplying a physical product or software).


Method 2. Ask a little later

Follow the customer journey to find the right moment. Whether you're selling training or apps, testimonials are a key component of your business. There are several points in the buying process where you can ask for feedback. One of them is a week after purchase.

Send an email to the client asking them to rate the result using a set of emoticons. If the client chooses a positive emoticon, then the program may ask him to write a small review for commercial use. If he sends feedback, then you can offer him a free bonus or upgrade in exchange for a video recording of his customer experience. Consider this a win-win proposition.

If the client does not answer your first letter, then you can send a reminder after a while. If this does not cause a reaction, then you should not bother the client. Otherwise, your letter will be recorded in spam, and you will lose this channel of communication with the client.

Method 3. Ask after improvement

What if you don't receive feedback immediately or after 30 days? There is one more way. If the customer did not choose a happy smiley when asked for a recall, then a dedicated customer service starts with that user. They try to find out from the client what he is not happy with and, if possible, improve his client experience.

If the problem can be solved, then after two weeks the client is sent a letter asking to share his feelings. If you put extra effort into working with a specific client, they will be more inclined to leave positive feedback.

Method 4. Make the process as easy as possible

There are many techniques and ways to get good feedback, but the main thing is to make this process as convenient as possible for people. You don't have to ask for reviews. Some customer service experts believe that the problem with these requests is that people find it difficult to articulate their thoughts, and they hang around and do nothing.

Instead, you can ask them how they got used to using your product or service. If the answer is positive, ask in more detail, specify what are the results of using your product. Then style what they said more beautifully and ask permission to use that text as their feedback. This will make it as easy as possible for people to compose a comment.

If the first review is not positive, then it is worth working on correcting the situation.

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