How To Place A Xocai (MXI Corp) Order As A Distributor

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Required Items Quantity
Your Back Office login information1

Steps Image Video Duration
Note: This is for orders not on auto-ship. Login to your back office. 00:00:00
Click the My Order Options. A drop-down menu will open. Click the Place Order selection. This will open up the order screen. 00:00:00
If you are a Business Builder, you may choose which Business Center from which to place order - Business Center 2 or 3. Business Center 2 is at the top of your left leg. Business Center 3 is at the top of your right leg. You will probably want to place the order from the business center with the lowest weekly volume at the time of order. 00:00:00
The Ship To fields will already be populated with your information. If you want this shipped to someone else, you will need to fill in the necessary sections. 00:00:00
Select the product(s) from the dropdown menu. Select quantity. 00:00:00
Click Continue. A Summary Page will open with all the order information. Check the information. 00:00:00
Enter Payment Information. If you have already entered credit card information for previous orders, these options will be available through the dropdown menus. If you are using a credit card not previously used, you will need to enter the new information. 00:00:00
Click Save Payment Information if this is a card you want to keep on file. Do not choose this option if you are entering someone else's credit card information. 00:00:00
Click Submit Order. 00:00:00
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