How To Oversleeping Can Lead To Distress

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Sleeping helps the body to relax. But overdoing it can cause many health problems that can have a long term effects

Resting is one of the best solutions for many health issues. One of them is also sleeping. This aids the body to resume back its energy and takes your tiredness away. You may feel very fresh after appropriate hours of sleep.

When is sleep important?

Many studies have showed that sleeping half and hour or so extra can also have positive results on the body. But then, if you are crossing the threshold, it can make many health dilemmas to come into life. The benchmark of the ideal sleeping hours is not stable or set to any particular time. It depends on many factors.

Sometimes you may overexert yourself mentally and physically. At that time, extra hours of sleep is very much needed by the body to gain back its strength, lack of sleep actually causes a lot of havoc in life and can have adverse effect.

Ill effects of oversleeping

Similarly even oversleeping can make your body go haggard. Some people argue on this as there is no surety on how many hours are perfect for a person’s sleep. But research has shown that once you feel tiredness and headache after sleeping more, it means your body has reacted negatively.

When you sleep over time, the body relaxes more than necessary and this slows down your system. The organs take time to again function normally with the same vigor, once you get up. This causes laziness and more fatigue.

Due to this, you also feel muscle pain and the blood flow is also low and the oxygen supply to the vessels through blood also decreases. The cardiovascular system also mellows down and leads to short term problem. You may feel like sitting at one place or become frantic and disturbed.

Risks of oversleeping

You should not worry much about these effects. They wear down with time. In certain cases, sleeping a lot can result to greater damage like minor heart attack and other organ malfunctioning. Research points towards these occurrences only in people who already suffer from some complication in health.

It can also take a toll on people who are older in age like the middle aged people or the ones elder than them. If you are suffering from cough and cold or even fever, sleeping is one of the solutions you can take respite in. but again it may act in a negative way, if you cross the limit.


There is no particular treatment for this condition. But some medication might help in reducing the effects of sleeping over time. You may take a stroll outdoors or have an energizing healthy drink. Ti will help in coming back to normalcy faster.

Feeling the outside sunlight and air can also aid in this. Having caffeine or some other food item that helps in staying awake can also make for a good solution. So it is important that you do not overdo the sleep.

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