How To Make A Smart Investment And Prosper In Direct Selling

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This steplist is for people who are considering starting their own network marketing business (MLM). 00:00:00
Thoroughly research the companies you are considering. Ask these questions about each one: 00:00:00
How long has the company been in business? 00:00:00
What is the company's financial standing? 00:00:00
Does the company sell a legitimate product(s)? A fraudulent MLM generates income solely by enrolling people and offers no legitimate product or service. 00:00:00
How big is the market for the product(s)? Some of the most successful health and wellness-based MLMs offer quality products in the following markets: anti-aging, weight loss, antioxidant nutrition, acne treatment, and energy supplements. 00:00:00
Does the company pay their distributors for product sales - or does the company only pay commissions for recruiting new sponsors? A fraudulent mlm does not pay its distributors unless they have enrolled a certain number of new recruits into the organization. 00:00:00
What is the distributor retention rate? 00:00:00
When company representatives explain the MLM opportunity, do they only emphasize the money you could make and brush over the product specifics? Fraudulent MLMs market their opportunity by emphasizing the money that you could earn by recruiting new people and generally ignore the marketing and selling of any products or services. In some cases, a token product is offered in an attempt to appear legitimate. 00:00:00
What is the enrollment fee? Legitimate network marketing companies have reasonable start-up fees. Beware of high start-up costs. 00:00:00
How much merchandise do I have to stock? Will the company buy back any unsold merchandise? 00:00:00
How forthcoming are company representatives when you ask questions? Legitimate MLMs are transparent and freely share comp plan details, product specifics, training methods, distributor rankings, and information about the executive team members. 00:00:00
Using a word-of-mouth advertising instead of conventional marketing is the hallmark of a legitimate network marketing company. The money saved by not advertising through traditional channels allows MLMs to compensate distributors with commissions in return for selling their products and finding new customers. 00:00:00
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