How To Learn About Self-Contained Mobile Deployment Surveillance System

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1 has a suite of advanced products whose functions can be difficult for the average consumer to understand. So, how do individuals learn about how the products work? More specifically, what is’s Mobile Sentry and how does it work? (See Thermal Radar on Vimeo.)

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The following is a list of steps customers can follow to learn more about how’s self-contained deployment surveillance system, or Mobile Sentry, works:

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The Mobile Sentry is an intelligent mobile geospatial platform designed to observe and protect:

  •’s Mobile Sentry is tough and rugged and can be paired with Thermal Radar or Hydra devices.
  • Its heavy-duty frame allows it to withstand tough environments for an average lifespan of 12 or more years.
  • The setup is simple, convenient, and able to be moved from location to location at the user’s ease.
  • It can be difficult sometimes to understand advanced devices like this one, however, research and product reviews can often be the most informative in understanding the product.
  • See Thermal Radar Affordable 360-Degree Thermal Image Detection on Vimeo.
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Download the “Mobile Sentry” product data sheets for detailed specs:

  • Look up any terms or concepts you are unfamiliar with so you can better understand the product, its features, and how it works
  • Make a list of Mobile Sentry’s features
    • Fully self-contained surveillance solution. This includes a solar panel, battery backup, communication kit, and the Thermal Radar or Hydra device to connect  to establish a perimeter
    • Options to move the device and set up with a heavy-duty steel trailer or lightweight aluminum trailer 
    • Easily added lighting systems and audible alarms
    • Mobile solution for evolving security needs
    • Compare Mobile Sentry features to those of other systems on the market
    • Read customer reviews to better understand individuals’ experiences with the product and their understanding of it
    • See Thermal Radar Banshee System on Vimeo.
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Learn more about Thermal Radar:


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To contact Thermal Radar:

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To see all Thermal Radar How To content, visit Thermal Radar articles on Steptap.

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