How To Jumpstart Your Xocai Business In 7 Days

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Xocai Millionaire Manual1

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This steplist is for new Xocai distributors who want to ensure the success of their business. The most critical time for any Xocai business is the first 7 days. This steplist is written for the new Xocai business owner who has already completed the enrollment process and signed up for autoship. 00:00:00
Begin using the products. You can't explain the benefits of Xocai products until you experience them firsthand. 00:00:00
Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the Millionaire Manual. 00:00:00
Set up your Xocai website and spend at least an hour learning how to use it. 00:00:00
Make a list of 20 prospects. Best prospects would include anyone who owns a home business, has a large network, is already successful, and who is confident and friendly. Also include people you know well and who would be interested in any opportunity you endorsed. 00:00:00
Your minimum goal for the first 7 days is to secure your two business partners. 00:00:00
Set a date for your first Xocai chocolate tasting meeting in the first week. 00:00:00
Contact twenty people from your list within 48 hours and invite them to your meeting. If they say they are not interested, don't slow down, just move on. Invite each guest on your list personally by phone. Do not give mini-presentations with the invitation – just simply invite them. It is the Launch of your new Healthy Chocolate Business! Tell your guests, "Do you like Chocolate? Then you have got to come and see this! I started a new Healthy Chocolate business. I want you to come and hear about the business and try the chocolate." Your guests need to know WHY they are coming. Launches are NOT for retailing product. It is a business opportunity meeting. Be clear and up front with them. 00:00:00
Follow Up! Follow up with your guests 24-48 hours before the launch to make sure they are still planning to attend. 00:00:00
When you have enrolled your two business builders (or more), make sure you welcome and train each one immediately as outlined on pages 23 - 26 of the Xocai Millionaire Manual. This will ensure their success as well as your own. 00:00:00
For more information, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or or your sponsor. 00:00:00
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