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Essays grow in importance the higher you go up in your academics. It helps you improve your research abilities, while also helping you in expressing your ideas effectively. The more complex the essay topics get the more you need to demonstrate your prowess with the structure and the style of your writing. As an essay writeryou need to get your message across to the readers, guiding them from one part of the discussion to the next one, This means making use of the various styles and structural variety in sentences and allowing for uniformity and coherence in the paragraphs.

The clarity in your sentences

The idea should be thought out first before writing your sentences. During the drafting phase, you don’t need to think about the clarity at the start, as you are more concerned about jotting down your ideas. The clarity will be optimized when you are editing the essay. The sentences should form a complete thought: with an introduction to it, its development, and bringing it to a close in a full circle.

To improve the sentence clarity you need to make sure that your sentences are succinct and to the point. Rambling should be avoided and you should remain to the point. The use of punctuation also allows you to express your thoughts with precision, resulting in a sentence that makes your writing interesting.

 Perfecting the essay length

The length of the essay should vary throughout your essay writing service as you write complex, compound, and simple sentences, but make sure it doesn’t extend beyond two to three lines. The longer the sentence is, the more it allows for the chance to misinterpret. Longer sentences also confuse the readers, as they can’t always tell which pronoun is connected to which subject/object. 

Don’t interrupt the main clause

Many times in writing sentences, you tend to add related write my essay information in the main clause by indicating the information by the use of commas:

The bridge across the river, which has survived floods and bad weather over the past century, was deemed unsafe by the local authority.


The century-old bridge was deemed unsafe by the local authorities, as it was damaged by years of bad weather and floods.

Use active voice

The active voice uses strong action verbs and always has a subject in the sentence. Try to get rid of to-be verbs in your sentences, such as am, is, are, be, being, etc

Putting the subject first in your sentences helps you remove the passivity.

Parallel structure

You should keep a pattern running when listing or writing down a number or a list of phrases or words. Usually introduced in the same sentence or in a list this rule requires you to continue the grammatical structure and style of the phrase or words. 

For example:

To get rid of the numbing effect, the patient needs to stay indoors, put away the phone, drink lots of water, and read plenty of books.

Rick is a complete mess. He has a tendency to forget his documents, arrive late to work, and doze off during working hours.

Make sure that the sequence of grammar and the structure keeps the same throughout the list.

Unclear pronouns connection

At times in long winding sentences, the pronoun connection to the right subject or the object gets bogged down by the words and phrases between the pronouns and the nouns. 

The coaches told their players that their training ground has been demolished, and they should request online essay writer college to provide them with a new ground. 

In the above long winding sentence, you tend to lose the sense of the sentence as the ‘their’ and ‘they’ go onto confusing the reader between the coaches and the players.

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