How To Host A Successful Chocolate Tasting Event

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Make sure you invite your guests in person or over the phone. Don't send out a mass email blast. 00:00:00
Be excited about it. Tell your invitees that you're starting a new chocolate business that you are excited about. Tell them that you will explain the business at the Healthy Chocolate Tasting. Tell them that they will get to sample delicious Healthy Chocolate. Do not give a mini-presentation during the invitation phone call. If they have questions, tell them that you will answer their questions during the tasting. 00:00:00
Send a text message to your invitees the day before confirming the time and location of the Healthy Chocolate Tasting. In the day-before text, make sure they have explicit directions to the location. Make sure you tell your invitees that they can bring their own guests to the tasting. 00:00:00
Invite as many people as you can. You won't get 100% attendance. You might not even get 20%. Don't be discouraged. This is normal - people are busy. 00:00:00
Prepare for the event. Ask your upline for a suggestion of which XO presentation video you should play at the event. Turn on some upbeat background music. Eliminate distractions such as cell phone calls. Don't have your children and/or pets in the room. Don't feel that you have to rearrange your home. Leave it neat and tidy but comfortable. 00:00:00
Have some Xocai Healthy Chocolate marketing tools on hand. Make sure they are easily accessed after the presentation. Make an attractive display of the Xocai Healthy Chocolate, Energy, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging products. Have plenty of product samples ready for guests to sample after the presentation. If you are planning to serve the High Antioxidant Xocai Meal Replacement shake, prepare it after the presentation. 00:00:00
Have the music playing when your guests start arriving. Make each guest feel welcome. Catch up with friends you haven't chatted with in a while. Offer your guests a glass of water upon arrival. This is a hospitable gesture and water won't interfere with the taste of the products. 00:00:00
Start the presentation on time. If you have a group of 10 or less, have each person introduce themselves in 30 seconds or less. Suggest that they give their name, where they work, and why they came. If you are doing the presenting, thank your guests for coming. If you have asked your sponsor or someone in your upline to give the presentation, introduce him/her. Edify this individual by sharing three things about him/her that you like. Announce their name last. The person presenting should share a two-minute explanation of why they joined Xocai (XO). If their are other XO distributors in attendance, have each of them share why they joined in 30 seconds or less. 00:00:00
Pique your guests' interests by asking them to think about why they came. Here are some suggestions: "Perhaps you are interested in starting a home based business," "Maybe you are interested in Xocai weight loss products," or "Perhaps you are here to learn about the Xophoria Anti-aging system." 00:00:00
Start the video. Allow the video to tell the story. Watch the video with your guests. Don't walk around or talk on the phone. 00:00:00
Highlight three products. Use your marketing tools. Pass out some small samples of one or two of the highlighted products. While the guests are sampling the Healthy Chocolate products, you can have a distributor briefly share their Xocai success story. 00:00:00
Present a simplified overview of the compensation plan. 00:00:00
The Close: Say, "You probably feel one of two ways: you may feel good about the products, or you may feel good about the products AND want to start a Healthy Chocolate business." 00:00:00
Pass out the enrollment forms. Make sure you have the Business Builder and Preferred Customer forms. Lead with the Business Builder form. Briefly describe the Business Builder pack. Meet with each guest to help them determine which level is best for them. Always mention the Customer Loyalty Program. 00:00:00
The Tasting: Let them sample the shake. Let them try XE Energy. Enjoy an X Power Square. Let them feel the Xophoria Anti-Aging Cream on their hands. Answer their questions. 00:00:00
Encourage your guests to set dates for their own Healthy Chocolate Tasting events. Book a date right then. Their business will start out strong if they hold 2 tastings in the first 7-10 days. Book follow-up appointments with each new enrollee. Thank everyone for coming to the party. 00:00:00
Follow Up With Non-Attendees: Just because some of your invitees couldn't make the party, follow up and tell them about it. Send them a link to the video or invite them to the next tasting. Follow Up with the guests that didn't enroll. They may have needed more information or to talk to a spouse. 00:00:00
For more information, contact XO at 775-971-9903 or or your sponsor. 00:00:00
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