How To Get A Complete Manicure From 1 Jamberry Sample

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Author: DoItYourselfMom | Website: Buy your nails with Jamberry!

Required Items Quantity
Jamberry Nail Sample1
Curved Nail Scissors1
Heat Source1

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Disclaimer!!! I did this on my nails and it was so cute! But it doesn't last very long =( so sad. You only get 2 to 4 days out of the tipped pieces. The regular nail pieces last the full 2 weeks like usual. I have gotten them to last a full two weeks, but you have to be super careful.


Prep the nail using alcohol, cuticle sticks, and fingernail clippers. (if you need more instructions, see the website


VERY carefully measure and cut just enough to completely fill your ring fingers and apply using heat!

Step Image 00:00:00

Using the remaining section, cut a rounded "french tip" out of the sample and apply to the rest of your fingers. Apply using heat per usual. If you do this carefully enough, you will get 6 french tips, enough for all of your fingers. I didn't have enough to do the thumbs though =/ (beg for a second sample?)

Step Image 00:00:00

Here is a picture of the finished set. This is the "Cup of Tea" pattern. I also did my toes in "Metallic Crackle". How fun!

Step Image 00:00:00
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