How To Do A Xocai Orientation Training With New T.E.A.M Member

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Required Items Quantity
Xocai Ascent Plan1
Chocolate Biz Tools1
Healthy Chocolate Tools1
An inventory of Xocai Healthy Chocolate Products1

Steps Image Video Duration
This steplist explains how to train a brand new Xocai Healthy Chocolate T.E.A.M. member. It is critical to complete this training immediately upon signing them up. This is the best way to ensure their success with their Xocai Healthy Chocolate home business. For initial sign up instructions, see the steplist "How To Sign Up A New Xocai Distributor." This training should take at least 60 minutes. Step Image 00:00:00
Give them their own copy of the Xocai Ascent Plan. This is contained in the Xocai Millionaire Manual. Ideally, the sponsor should purchase the Millionaire Manual through you. After purchase, they should register their Xocai Millionaire Manual. Step Image 00:00:00
Show your new Xocai Healthy Chocolate sponsor where to download their trainer notes. 00:00:00
Listen to Track 1 of the Ascent CD together. 00:00:00
Go through the Xocai Millionaire Manual Ascent Plan together, fill in as much as possible. 00:00:00
Show them how to login to their MXI Back Office; have them click through several links. 00:00:00
Show them how to set up their Xocai Healthy Chocolate business website (online store). 00:00:00
Give hard copies (or introduce the websites) of Chocolate Biz Tools, and Healthy Chocolate Tools. 00:00:00
Show your new sponsor how to order business cards at 00:00:00
Show and explain the basics of the Xocai Healthy Chocolate Compensation Plan (Quick Check, X-Bonus, and Infinity Bonus). 00:00:00
Take time for a short Q&A session about their new Xocai Healthy Chocolate home based business. Assure them that there is no such thing as a “dumb question” at this point. 00:00:00
Go over each of the products (either a brochure or the MXI Corp website). Xocai Healthy Chocolate products fall into four categories: Healthy Chocolate, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Energy. 00:00:00
For more information, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or 00:00:00
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