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What is the Banshee Surveillance System?

  • This solution is built to “detect, assess, warn, deter.”
  • The Banshee has 360 degrees, 24/7 monitoring, just like the 6 Series surveillance system.
  • This surveillance system, however, is tailored fors military and commercial operation sites.
  • Its infrared design and remote operating system allow it to act as an intuitive, non-lethal warning system. 
  • Learn more here: Thermal Radar on Vimeo
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The Banshee Surveillance System identifies threats as they occur, and notifies users so they can take action before too much damage is done. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which surveillance device is best for you. See Thermal Radar Surveillance.

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The following steps can help you determine if the Banshee surveillance system is the most effective and affordable:

  • Research different devices on the market 
  • Make a list of surveillance systems you are interested in
  • Compare prices of devices you have made a list of as well as their unique features
  • Ask customer service agents for quotes and insights about how their device works and why it might be the best one for you
  • Schedule demos of your top picks
  • Do the math. While price points can look straightforward, some devices have a one-time payment while others require monthly subscription payments. Over time, even if one device seems to cost more, its abilities and durability may be more cost-effective in the long-term
  • Learn about how long the devices are expected to last and read user reviews. Personal experiences may give you some of the best insight into what to expect from a specific device
  • See Thermal Radar Affordable 360-Degree Thermal Image Detection.
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The Banshee surveillance system is designed for more advanced operating systems and places of business.

  • Unlike other surveillance systems, the Banshee has the ability to communicate with command and control platforms.
  • Additionally, it can mitigate intrusions with laser pointers, a spotlight, and integrated LRAD (long-range acoustic device).
  • The Banshee surveillance system is not a typical home surveillance system, but a system meant to protect against intruders at more secure sites like military and commercial operation sites. It is one-of-a-kind and affordable.
  • See Thermal Radar Banshee System on Vimeo.
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