How To Create An Effective Steplist

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Internet connection1

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Name your steplist. Be specific. For example: "How To Save A Video" is not as good as "How To Download A YouTube Video To Your Computer" 00:00:00
Choose a Category. Steptap organizes and allows visitors to search by category. You may choose more than one category. For example, "How To Restore Your Health In Minecraft Video Game," could fit in Gaming, Technology, or Entertainment. 00:00:00
Select some Tags for your steplist and separate them with commas. Meta tags help search engines know what your steplist is about. For example, a steplist entitled "How To Replace The Battery In A Prius," might include the following tags: "Prius battery replacement," "Prius auto maintenance," "car care." 00:00:00
Under Brand URL, enter the Title of the Link. When your steplist is accessed, this title will appear in the actual URL. The URL is the string of characters in the line at the top of your browser window. It usually begins with "https://" and often contains "www". You can use the actual title of your steplist for your Brand URL or a title that is similar. 00:00:00
Required Items. List each item required for your steplist. A steplist entitled, "How To Clean The Condenser Coils On Your Refrigerator," may require "Plastic scrub brush," and "Vacuum." Some required items may not be actual objects you can touch. A steplist entitled, "How To Access A Free MTA Practice Exam From GMetrix," has the items: "Internet Connection," and "GMetrix Student Account." 00:00:00
Add an optional URL for each required item. If you want a required item to link to an online store where the item can be purchased, enter the URL for the website. 00:00:00
Before you begin writing the steps, identify your audience. Write at a level that your intended audience can understand. If you are writing for pre-teen gamers, don't use college-level words. Be as clear as possible. The most effective steplist is not written simply so it can be understood, it is written so that it can't possibly be misunderstood. 00:00:00
Start by clearly stating the objective of the steplist. For "How To Create A Living Will," the first step may be "This steplist is for people who want to write a living will so their family will know their wishes regarding medical treatment in case of incapacitation." 00:00:00
Explain any assumptions. For example: "This steplist is written for people with a working knowledge of PowerPoint." 00:00:00
Describe only one action per step. 00:00:00
Optional: you can time each step. Enter the time in hours, minutes, and/or seconds each step will take. Users will be able to begin the steplist and allow it to automatically advance through the steps hands-free as they complete the task. 00:00:00
When you have described each step, read through the entire steplist to check that your order of operations is correct. You can also check for spelling and grammar errors. 00:00:00
Add optional images or video. 00:00:00
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