How To Create An Access Code For Your GMetrix SMS

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Author: GMetrix | Website: Create An Access Code For Your GMetrix SMS

Required Items Quantity
GMetrix Product License1
GMetrix administrator credentials.1

Steps Image Video Duration
This GMetrix steplist is for administrators who are using the GMetrix SMS to manage your students' use of GMetrix practice tests. Each student will need an access code to start using a GMetrix test(s). 00:00:00
Open an internet browser and type into the URL bar. The GMetrix SMS Management Login page will open. Login using your GMetrix administrator username and password. Select the "Login" button to the right of the username and password. 00:00:00
The GMetrix SMS administrator main dashboard will open. Listed on the left hand side of the screen are several possible actions. Choose "Access Codes" from the left hand menu. Two options will appear underneath. "Create" and "Search and Edit." Select "Create." 00:00:00
You are now in the Access Code Wizard. Choose the License you wish to use and click "Next" (Usually you will only have 1 option.) You are now on the "Configure Code" page; the following are options that allow you to customize your access code: 00:00:00
Identifier – Allows you to enter in a custom name for the access code. The X’s on the start and end of the code will be randomly generated numbers. (Example: XXXXX – Period1 – XXXXX) 00:00:00
Code type: Single User - Creates X number of "Single User" access codes that only allow 1 student per access code. Multiple User - Creates a "Multiple User" access code that allows X number of students to use the code. (In a classroom setting you would choose this option so that your entire class can use the same access code to access their tests) 00:00:00
Note: Below are Optional settings. If you do not want to limit the access code in any way, leave these settings as their defaults. 00:00:00
Expires after: This sets a maximum number of times a student can use the access code (Number of tests they are allowed to take) Days: Sets the number of days the access code will allow students to take tests for. The number of days starts counting down the day the student takes the test for the first time. 00:00:00
Tests: Available tests will be listed next to checkboxes. Check each box next to the corresponding test that you would like the students to have access to for testing. If you don’t mind the students having access to all tests, just leave all the check boxes checked. If you have created a custom test, you should see it included in this list of available tests. 00:00:00
Allow Review: When a student finishes taking a test in “Testing“ mode, this option allows the student to review any questions they missed on the test. 00:00:00
Group: Allows you to attach a group to this access code. If you have not created a Group or do not understand what a Group is, leave this option at its default. 00:00:00
Click Next when all settings are chosen. This will bring up the Confirm Settings page. 00:00:00
This will bring up the Access Code Wizard page. The access code just generated will be listed under the Access Code column. 00:00:00
For more information, contact GMetrix at 801-607-5475 or 00:00:00
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