How To Compare Xocai Healthy Chocolate With CocoaVia

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Author: xocai | Website: What's the difference between Xocai healthy dark chocolate and cocoavia?

Required Items Quantity
Xocai X power squares1

Steps Image Video Duration
To compare these two chocolates, we will look at antioxidant content, sweeteners, fat content, calories, and cost 00:00:00
You’d have to eat 13 CocoaVia bars to get the same antioxidant protection you receive in just 3 Xocai X-Power Squares 00:00:00
13 CocoaVia bars contain 1300 calories, 3 Xocai X Power Squares has 100 calories. 00:00:00
3 XO-Lifestyles-Worldwide X Power Squares has 3 grams of fat. 13 CocoaVia bars contain 78 grams of fat. 00:00:00
13 CocoaVia bars would cost you $13.00, 3 Xocai X Power Squares cost $2.14. 00:00:00
13 CocoaVia bars has 117 of simple white sugar. 3 Xocai healthy dark chocolate squares has 7 grams of low glycemic sweetener. 00:00:00
For more information, contact XO at 775-971-9903 or 00:00:00
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