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What? - choosing a topic


The first step in writing is to build your own relationship with the topic. The writer makes many choices: choosing a topic or point of view, shaping a central argument or idea, outlining the audience, the purpose, content and structure of the essay helper, etc. Making choices is easier if you are aware of your own relationship to the topic. You can write in your own voice about almost anything that you feel ownership of and can analyse - any topic will do, because it is the way you write that counts.

For this reason, it is worth practising writing on a topic that is familiar, appealing and interesting to the student. The subject can be a work of art, such as a novel or film, a play or TV series, an event related to sport or another hobby, a political situation, a restaurant or a party - as long as it fits the following criteria:

  • it has a beginning, middle and end
  • it involves a change
  • it can be broken down into parts
  • it has a purpose
  • its meaning can be interpreted.


1. List the events, experiences, things, activities or people that interest you.
Where have you experienced great experiences or emotions?
Which ones have left you wondering?
What could you have to say?
Name places, works of art, performances or other objects related to your experiences. Use the criteria to see if you meet the requirements above.
Is there a subject that you have a particular experience of - one that others may not have?

2. sketch out your ideas, for example, using the criteria.
How can you break it down? How could you describe them?
What kind of beginning, middle and end does it have?
What kind of change occurs and why? What are the consequences?
What could it mean and to whom?
Why is it important to deal with it? What can be said about it and to whom? What could it be aimed at?

3. Explore your own relationship with your chosen topic.
How does your chosen topic relate to your own past, present and future?
How does the topic intertwine with significant life events or developments?
How does the topic intersect with your personality, experiences, interests, growing environment, relationships, etc.?
How has the topic affected your emotional state?
What have you seen, observed, experienced, heard, read, etc. that relates to the topic?
How has the topic influenced or influences the way you think about the world, behave, react, relate to other people, make choices, etc.?
Give at least one example or event related to this topic.

4. The topic and my feelings
Consider the following list. Which of the following feelings or emotions have you noticed or experienced recently? Which of them could be related to synthesis essay assistance? In what ways? What consequences, conflicts or tensions have resulted?

gratitude envy love longing jealousy jealousy anger fear despair fear of failure competition tension delusion deception disappointment paralysis depression tension loneliness rejection friendship nobility sublimity fear of making mistakes togetherness connection 

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