How To Choose The Best Risk Free MLM Ground Floor Opportunity

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XO Lifestyle Worldwide is launching September 2014. Why is XO the best MLM to join now? 00:00:00
XO Lifestyle Worldwide is built on the infrastructure of MXI Corp, the makers of Xocai Healthy Chocolate. Xocai Healthy Chocolate is a billion dollar international brand. Chocolate is a $100 Billion Industry. 00:00:00
Xocai is a dept-free company established in 2005 that operates in over 40 countries. 00:00:00
Proven Executive Team: CEO Jeanette Brooks has an impressive record of success. Learn about Ms. Brooks here: 00:00:00
Chief Science Officer Chanda Zaveri is a brilliant molecular biologist and pioneer in anti-aging skin care. Learn about Ms. Zaveri here: 00:00:00
New President Brad Stewart is an MLM legend. Learn about Mr. Stewart here: (scroll down to find his bio). 00:00:00
New breakthrough products: SkinHealix Acne Dots use proprietary peptides to control acne. Pimples often clear up in one day. Learn about SkinHealix Acne Dots here: Acne control cleanser and cream slows down the production of sebum to reduce breakouts. Silk C Serum delivers Vitamin C in the only way your body can actually use it. Learn about the entire SkinHealix miracle acne treatment system here: (skin helix is explained at 6:29.) 00:00:00
XO products fall under categories: chocolate, weight management, energy, skin care, and anti-aging. Each of these industries are multi-million dollar markets that are growing quickly. 00:00:00
There is a wide open opportunity in India. India has a growing middle-class LARGER than the entire US population. They are a cash-positive demographic looking for opportunities to leverage their assets. India has traditionally been a difficult country in which to operate network companies. However, with Chanda Zaveri's contacts and reputation, XO distributors will easily be able legitimately expand their sales in India. 00:00:00
Now is the time to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To join, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or 00:00:00
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