How To Cheat On Homework?

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A study revealed that fifty-six percent of students reported that they feel overburdened and stressed due to homework and can we blame them? Don't worry, we are not here to judge. We are here to help you get away with some devious cheating tricks when you wonder, can someone do my homework but do remember to not perpetually rely on them and do your homework assignment whenever you get the chance.

Copying from someone- easiest hack!

If you are copying from someone, make sure you aren't good friends since teachers are most likely to suspect and inspect closely if they are aware of your close bond. The place of copying is very important as doing it in school or especially inside the classroom might raise eyebrows and people might snitch on you, or worse- the teacher could pass and see you since these occurrences are common on the day of the deadline. The best places are either home where you can ask friends to email or text you the answers or on your way to school guaranteeing minimum witnesses. If there are detailed equations like maths or science, make sure you change the order and alter the format so the teacher is unable to suspect the similarity.

Internet, our most reliable friend!

If the questions are directly from the textbook, the probability of solutions being on the internet is pretty high. Do not copy everything from the internet because there might be others in class who would have used the exact site and it might result in temporary suspension or worse. Ask yourself if a few math problems are worth risking your school record? Do not copy essays from any websites as they try to make money and promote plagiarism by distributing common essays which might land you in trouble. Cheating on essays from the internet is relatively difficult because it is likely that your teachers have already perused those.

Have a homework group activity?

One effective and productive way of finishing your homework in a shorter period is to divide the task among a small group of friends. Another constructive technique is to do the homework collectively with several friends which will guarantee participation. However, make sure the group does not consist of a large number of people since the teacher might be able to identify if the thought process is identical. For cheating on an essay, taking help from a senior or an older sibling might be helpful since the chances of them having done the same essays are relatively higher. They might have the essay saved somewhere and you can copy it by altering some words. However, if your teacher is the type to save the essays on their computer, then it is not sensible to do so since a basic search on computer will reveal the similarity of your essays.

Reading hacks

Some students find it very difficult to read an entire novel since reading is not their primary area of interest. A good hack is to divide the reading among your friends and discuss the plot the next morning. Moreover, it is advisable to read the first few chapters and you might end up enjoying the book. For discussion in class, you can study the important themes of the novel on Spark notes and memorize a particular aspect or scene of the assigned book to discuss it in class. To make the teacher believe your lie, you can ask some questions about a particular subplot in the first few minutes of class which might motivate discussion and the teacher might be convinced that you have read the book.


This hack might aid you sometimes but it is wise to do your homework on time because they are not 100% efficient and you might end up facing serious consequences. Teachers are known to dislike copying of homework the most so you could be expelled and the friend you copied from could also be in the same boat because of you so that would be unfair. It is acceptable to use these hacks once in a while but habitual cheating will hinder your productivity.

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