How To Build Your XO Business By Following Up With Prospects

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XO (Xocai) Millionaire Manual1

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This XO steplist is for XO (Xocai) Healthy Chocolate business owners who want to build their downline and home based business quickly. Page 20 of the Millionaire Manual describes Ascent 4 Follow-Up. Don't expect that every person you introduce the business opportunity will join immediately. It may take several contacts. 00:00:00
Make it Automatic: Here is an example follow up, "Susan, here's the DVD I told you about. I'll call you tomorrow after you watch it to see what you like best." 00:00:00
Your upline T.E.A.M. members will have some effective follow-up scripts. Ask them what they are and then write them down on page 20 of your Millionaire Manual. Memorize them. 00:00:00
When you follow up with a prospect, you will occasionally get objections. Don't answer these yourself, even if you know the answer. Use this as a catalyst for a 3-Way call with an upline Xocai T.E.A.M. member. 00:00:00
Find out when your upline members are available to participate in 3-way calls. Arrange your follow-up plan to take advantage of their Xocai home business building experience. 00:00:00
For more information, contact XO at 775-971-9903 or or your sponsor. 00:00:00
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