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Your sponsor1
Car hood presentation outline1
"Change Your Chocolate" brochure1

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This steplist outlines how to do a Xocai Car Hood presentation. This is an effective way to attract interested prospects. First off, work with your sponsor. 00:00:00
Put your prospect at ease by following the acronym FORM (FAMILY, OCCUPATION, RECREATION, MESSAGE). People like to talk about their Family, Occupation, and Recreation. Ask them about one of these topics. 00:00:00
When they are at ease, you share the M: Message. 00:00:00
Following the Car Hood Presentation outline (but not reading it like a script), start by telling your prospect that Xocai Healthy Chocolate is a referral business. 00:00:00
Point out that a Xocai Healthy Chocolate home business is: Recession Proof; 00:00:00
Part of a $130 billion industry - about half of that money is earned by distributors. 00:00:00
Home based and flexible. 00:00:00
Full or part time. 00:00:00
Requires only a low investment and has little risk. 00:00:00
And is experiencing seamless global expansion. There are no limits with a Xocai Healthy Chocolate business, it can grow nationally and internationally. 00:00:00
Explain that MXI Corp is a debt-free family owned company founded in 2005. Explain that MXI Corp has a 75,000 square foot facility in Reno, NV. Explain that MXI Corp has a successful track record with over a billion dollars in sales. 00:00:00
Explain that MXI Corp owns the trademark for "Healthy Chocolate". They have proprietary technologies that allow them to deliver all the antioxidant properties of raw cacao without destroying them in the healthy chocolate manufacturing process. 00:00:00
Point out that chocolate is a high-demand product with mass appeal. 9 out of 10 people love chocolate. 5 out of 10 cannot live without it. 00:00:00
Point out that MXI Corp is socially and environmentally responsible. 00:00:00
Now focus on the four categories of Xocai products: Healthy Chocolate, Weight Loss, Energy, and Anti-Aging. All of these products contain healthy chocolate. Explain that when other companies "cook" the chocolate, it destroys 75% of the antioxidants. Xocai's processing methods retain the antioxidants. 00:00:00
Show your prospect the brochure: "Change Your Chocolate." Share your personal story of how Xocai Healthy Chocolate has benefited you. 00:00:00
Give prospect the "Wellness Journal" brochure for additional review. 00:00:00
Turn their attention to Training and Support. Explain that while your prospect would be in business for themselves, they wouldn't be alone. 00:00:00
Xocai Health Chocolate distributors can receive training from the MXI Corp owners and staff; Dr. Gordon Pederson (Xocai Medical Advisor); and existing Xocai business owners. 00:00:00
Point out the different ways to access training: one-on-one, live group trainings, internet, on-the-job, conference calls, DVDs, and team support. Assure your prospect that he/she can earn while they learn. 00:00:00
Turn their attention to the benefits of Home Based Businesses: small investment, no employees, no overhead, no inventory management, no rent, significant tax advantages. 00:00:00
Turn their focus to the 8 Ways to Earn Money with Xocai Healthy Chocolate. Explain just the first four unless they want to learn about the others. 1: Retail (buy wholesale, sell at retail, pocket the margin.) 2. Quick Check (referral bonus) is received every time you are responsible for someone joining. 3 X Bonus (extra $75). 4. Infinity Bonus. 00:00:00
Move on to Who Do You Know. Explain that by finding two business partners, your prospect can take advantage of all eight ways to earn with Xocai Healthy Chocolate. Point out that if your prospect sponsors two, who in turn each sponsor two, and so on for nine levels, you would have over 1000 people in your organization. 00:00:00
Ask your prospect if they could think of just two people who might be interested in a Xocai Healthy Chocolate home based business. Write in the names of the two people in the designated spaces under Who Do You Know. 00:00:00
Ask why your prospect picked the first name. Listen to his/her answer. Ask why the second person was picked. Listen to answer. 00:00:00
Point out that if it was easy for him/her to think of two, it would likely be just as easy for each of these two to find two for their own organizations. 00:00:00
At this point, the focus shifts. Now you enlist your sponsor to help your prospect learn how to teach their own two sponsors. 00:00:00
Ask your prospect for a third name. When they respond, ask where this person could be placed in the organization. In Xocai, you can only have two teams (legs). When he/she realizes that the third sponsor would have to go under one of the existing distributors, point out that all orders and earnings of this distributor would benefit all those above in the organizational structure. 00:00:00
Point out the income generated in the hypothetical example. Depending on how the three sponsors came in, he/she has earned between $150 and $450. If all three joined within a 30-day span, the extra $75 X bonus is earned. 00:00:00
Point out that the average Xocai Healthy Chocolate distributor earns a sales volume of $250 per month. For the next example, however, you are going to use the figure $200. 00:00:00
Explain how the computer calculates the earnings for the two legs of your organization. Xocai pays out where the earnings match, or the lesser amount of $1400 in the example. Explain how unpaid earnings roll over to the next period. Point out that most companies don't allow this. 00:00:00
Explain that the Infinity Bonus refers to the infinite potential for the size of your organization. The earnings potential, however, caps at $10,000 per week. 00:00:00
Turn their attention to the How Much Can You Earn chart that shows the Xocai ranks. Ask them to imagine their level a year from now. Ask them, "Where would you like to be?" 00:00:00
Most prospects choose a middle level, silver or gold. Explain that in order to earn 28K in passive income through interest on an investment, one would need over a million dollars in the bank. 00:00:00
Show prospect the three ways to join: Consume, Share, Earn. Explain details of each including pricing, auto ship, and Loyalty Programs. 00:00:00
Explain the levels of enrollment: 1, 2, 3. Challenge them to choose one and get started. 00:00:00
If they want to enroll, see the steplist "How To Sign Up A Xocai Distributor." 00:00:00
For more information, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or 00:00:00
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