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Here’s a strategy that will help you sail through your article writing sessions with energy and enthusiasm. You’ll create more articles faster than you ever thought possible with this article writing productivity secret.

Okay, so what’s the secret, you ask?

Learn to think in three’s: three ideas… three tips… three ways… three paragraphs.

If you can do that or just some paper review, you can jump right in and join the most prolific article writers out there.

The idea here is to flesh out enough detail to meet the minimum as a first step. That means 3 simple ideas… or three points. Remember, three simple paragraphs, along with some introductory and concluding comments and you’ve met the basic requirements of an article. Of course you can always add to it if necessary.

Essentially what I want you to take from this is the concept of “thinking in three’s”. Nothing will boost your article writing productivity more than this little concept. All you have to do is come up with three details related to your subject and then write a paragraph about each. Your “big 3” could take the form of…

3 tips
3 questions that always come up
3 most important things
3 points
3 pitfalls

– or anything else you can think of. Look for more of these and other “plug ‘n play” templates – coming soon to this site.

Take any of the above examples and just plug in 3 items or answers. It can be quick and easy, as well as fun. You’ll be delighted with your surge in productivity when you become accustomed to using this method to generate content ideas for your essayshark  review and articles.

For a simple outline that works, a single word or phrase is usually adequate to start. Then expand each of the 3 steps, secrets, pitfalls, or whatever into a paragraph or two. Insert a basic opening and add a close and you’re done. That’s the beauty of thinking in threes. It’s quick and easy to come up with content in just seconds. And that’s exactly what you need to become a highly-efficient article writing machine.


Can you break your subject down into 3 basic steps?

If so, all you have to do is list each of these in sequential order and write a couple of sentences describing each of the three steps in the process. First you do this… then you do that… and finally this step will help you get to where you want to go. It’s an A-B-C formula for article writing that’s super easy to follow.

Beware of any sequence that has too many steps, or your article will require more time to write. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this and you may find good uses for longer, step-by-step articles such as converting them into reports, or posting them directly to your site. But often it makes more sense to take the content of a larger or more complex step-by-step process and break it down into multiple articles.

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