How To Avoid Getting Completely Ripped Off By Fake Network Marketing Companies

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This steplist is for people who want to start a home business but don't want to get ripped off by a fake network marketing company. 00:00:00
The most important thing to do to protect yourself from fake MLM businesses is to thoroughly research any business in which you are interested. Take your time. Don't let anyone pressure you into joining something quickly. Common high-pressure tactics include, "Hurry, you need to get on the ground floor," and "Join now before the start-up fee goes up." 00:00:00
MLM scams often involve unrealistic product claims. If the product is touted as a "miracle that cures everything," move on. 00:00:00
If you are pressured to buy an excessive amount of inventory, this could be a red flag of a fake network marketing company. 00:00:00
Ask a lot of questions about the company, compensation plan, and opportunity. Turn and run if you are not able to get satisfactory answers to your questions. 00:00:00
Check their Better Business Bureau rating. While a poor rating does not necessarily mean the business is a fake, you should certainly think twice. 00:00:00
If your potential sponsor focuses on recruiting rather than actual product sales, it may be a fake network marketing business. 00:00:00
If the business does not offer a quality product - or no product at all - walk away. Fast! 00:00:00
If the company is brand new, you should be extremely cautious. Fake MLMs sprout up like weeds. Legitimate direct sales companies such as XO Healthy Chocolate have a demonstrable track record. 00:00:00
For more information, contact XO Healthy Chocolate at 775-971-9903 or or your sponsor. 00:00:00
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