How To Avert Bad Expectations With XO MLM And Explain The Truth

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This XO steplist is for XO distributors who want to expand their sales team. It explains how to educate new prospects about the XO Lifestyle Worldwide MLM. It also contains an overview of the XO strategic merger. 00:00:00
XO Lifestyle Worldwide is the new MLM created by the strategic merger between Chanda Zaveri and MXI Corp, the makers of Xocai Healthy Chocolate. 00:00:00
Learn about molecular biologist and anti-aging patent-holder Chanda Zaveri here: Ms. Zaveri is the new Chief Science Officer at XO. 00:00:00
MXI Corp. introduced Xocai healthy chocolate in 2005. It was founded by Andrew Brooks and Jeanette Brooks. MXI Corp. has been extremely successful and is now a billion-dollar network marketing organization. Xocai Healthy Chocolate is an international brand sold in over 40 countries. MXI Corp. has expanded their product line and currently has cacao-based products in the following categories: solid dark chocolate, healthy energy beverages, weight loss shakes, and anti-aging supplements and skin care. You can learn more about MXI Corp. here: 00:00:00
XO Lifestyle Worldwide will launch September 17, 2014. XO Lifestyle Worldwide will continue to uphold the highest possible standards in every aspect of their business. Ms. Zaveri's proprietary acne treatment system and anti-aging products will expand the MXI product line and provide extraordinary income opportunities for XO distributors. 00:00:00
Two new XO products are SkinHealix Acne Dots and Silk C Serum. SkinHealix Acne Dots contain proprietary peptides to treat acne fast and prevent future breakouts. Learn about SkinHealix Acne Dots here: 00:00:00
XO Lifestyle Worldwide is arguably the top ground floor MLM to join now: 1) It is built on the solid foundation of MXI Corp. 2) There is solid science behind the products. 3) New President Brad Stewart has a proven track record. 4) Rank advancement qualifications have never been easier. 5) Current distributors are seasoned direct sellers who know how to mentor new sponsors. 6) XO has revolutionary products in some of the fastest-growing billion-dollar markets; anti-aging, chocolate, weight-loss, acne treatment, and healthy energy. 7) The XO compensation plan has already created dozens of millionaires and thousands of satisfied distributors who have increased financial security. 00:00:00
For more information, contact Xocai at 775-971-9903 or or your sponsor. 00:00:00
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