How To Adjust Water Temperature On A Delta Shower Faucet

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Required Items Quantity
Allen Wrench (2mm)1
Sheet of paper1
Delta Shower Faucet1

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Cover the drain with a sheet of paper in case you drop anything that might fit down the drain.

You'll thank me later.

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Disconnect the handle by loosening the small screw from underneath using the 2mm allen wrench.

The handle will come right off unless you have hard-water deposits. If so, it should take just a wiggle or two.

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Optional: Remove the Trim Sleeve to access the stem a little easier.

You don't really need to do this, but it makes it easier to access the rubber gasket in the next step.

You may need to loosen the escutcheon plate from against the wall with a screwdriver to get the trim sleeve out. The escucheon plate is the large round decorative plate against the shower wall.

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On the stem in the middle, locate a rubber o-ring resting against the brass Rotational Limit Stop.

Using your fingers, pull the o-ring back away from its seated position. It is nestled in a small channel, so it will take a little bit of pull. Roll it outward with your fingernails.

Slide it away from the channel, toward you as far as you can.

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Note the position of the Rotational Limit Stop. With your fingers, grab the brass Rotational Limit Stop and pull it straight out. Now you can rotate it a few degrees to the left or right.

  • Counter clockwise will add more cold water (colder).
  • Clockwise will add more hot water (hotter).

Push the Rotational Limit Stop back in to set the temperature at the point you have selected.

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Make sure you re-seat the o-ring to hold the Rotational Limit Stop in place. Push it back toward the Rotational Limit Stop and test it with your fingers to make sure it is seated.

Failure to do this step may result in your water temperature fluctuating dangerously.

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Test the water temperature before moving on.

Adjust as necessary by repeating steps 4, 5, and 6.

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If you have removed the Trim Sleeve, replace it now.

If you removed the escucheon, place the Trim Sleeve in first, then place the escucheon over the trim sleep and screw the escucheon in place with a screwdriver.

Be careful not to tighten it too much, you might kink the escucheon.

Step Image 00:00:15

Replace the handle by pushing back onto the hub and then tighten the small set screw underneith with the Allen wrench.

Be careful not to over tighten.

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You may need to do this at the beginning of each season. Warmer weather will allow your water to maintain temperature, and you may experience scalding temperatures in summer months.

Keep an eye on it, especially if you have small children in the house.

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